Jena came to her Final Refuge home after a month-long stay in the shelter where she was brought in as a stray. Understandably stressed at the shelter, she had rubbed her little nose raw on the kennel door. Jena is a TINY little thing, about half the size of the cat she now shares her home with – along with another little Final Refuge. She has diabetes which is being managed with twice daily insulin; it’s been quite a struggle to find the correct dosing for her since she is so small. She also has “cherry eye” which was repaired at the shelter but that surgery failed, so she will need that handled by an ophthalmologist at some point. Jena is quite the chow hound and does a little happy dance and howls at her foster mom to hurry up with her meals. After just a short time she also took on the role of pint-sized protector, with quite an impressive display of barking at anyone new who comes to the door. Her foster family hopes her health will remain stable and that she will always feel safe and loved.

Update:  Dear Jena had 4 wonderful years with her forever home.  Finally her illnesses caught up to her and very quickly she failed.  Very sadly for her wonderful mom, her other tiny foster sister passed away a day later.  The two little ladies were together for so many years and left just a day apart.  Jena you and your sister will be remembered always – tiny in size and large in personality.