Jethro Gibbs is a 12-year-old Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix who came to live with us as an Old Dog Haven Final Refuge dog in July, 2019.  He had severe dry eye, infected skin, and his back legs were so painful he staggered when he walked.  Typical ODH dog.  And his tail was always down.

We got him to the vet, started eye drops, medicated baths for his skin, and pain medications.  He had a dental and lost 18 teeth. Then he was seen by the eye doctor and we got a treatment plan…fast forward one year later, and his eyes are now doing very well!

Jethro is a sweet little guy who loves to be held, doesn’t like to be alone or in a crate, and barks when he wants something.  He has attached himself to his ODH mom – if he can’t find her he runs all over the house looking for her – and yes, barking.  He has come a long way since he became a Final Refuge dog.  He now loves being outside and sniffing around the yard…his legs still go in different directions, but he loves running around.  His other favorite thing is being on his mom’s lap and being petted.  And now, his tail almost never stops wagging!

We are thankful to all the ODH donors for making it possible for us to make him feel much better, even if his skin is still a work in progress.  He joins in the rest of the pack to bark and welcome us home! We are very glad he is with us.

Update:  Little Jethro Gibbs had almost two years with his loving Final Refuge home.  He took great advantage of all the cuddles and loving they gave him and he truly blossomed.  This boy is greatly missed and will always be remembered.