Beautiful Kahlua came into a busy shelter thin, very fearful, with nasty skin and coat damage and some neurologic deficits in her weak hind legs.   She’s continued to be a picky eater but now is a whopping 9 pounds,  still so skinny but playful and energetic.  Her gorgeous coat has grown back in.    Still quite fearful, she does not take treats from anybody.  However, she has started jumping on her foster mom’s lap on the recliner and she loves to walk.  She cries when either of her humans leaves the house for any amount of time – she’s devoted to them in her own way and we hope that with more months she will lose the rest of the fear.

Update:  After nearly exactly 2 years after coming to her ODH home, Kahlua’s kidneys could no longer function and she was sent on her way. She had really worked her way into everyone’s hearts and will be remembered with much love.

e-Kahlua pom 0217