Katie is a nine year old terrier/poodle mix who was brought to the shelter to be euthanized. The people who surrendered her told the staff that she was old and it was “her time”. She had never been seen by a veterinarian and she had not been spayed. She also had skin issues and patches of hair missing. Lab work showed she was diabetic, too. Fortunately, the shelter staff contacted Old Dog Haven because Katie needed to begin insulin treatment which could not be done at the shelter.

An ODH Final Refuge home was found for Katie and she was seen by a vet who confirmed the diabetes diagnosis as well as bilateral luxating patellas (kneecaps that slip out of normal position). She began insulin treatment which was monitored for several weeks. When her sugar levels dropped, her vet contacted an animal internal medicine specialist to discuss how to proceed. Female dogs that have not been spayed can develop diabetes when they go into their heat cycle, so once Katie was spayed, her diabetes abated. She then had a dental and had four teeth removed.

Now Katie is doing very well–her diabetes is under control and she’s a busy and active senior who acts like a young dog. Katie loves to be involved in outreach events for ODH and she makes a great ambassador. Her forever people tell us, “Dear Katie is funny and social and wants to be included in everything that is going on. Her favorite bed is the one in front of the fireplace. No squeaky toy goes undestroyed, as her goal is to destroy the part that squeaks. She loves car rides and chasing squirrels out of the yard. She runs our house and we are there to serve her. We would not change a thing!”

Tiny Ambassador

Got squeak?

Tuckered out