“Hi, I’m Buddy. You are seeing me because I need a new home. My person was very sick and before she passed away she asked the caregiver to help find me a home. It’s a very good thing she did because I overheard a family member say they’d just take me for a walk in the woods and I’d not come out! The caregiver brought me to her home but she cannot keep me; she has a big heart and I’m forever grateful to her for keeping me safe.

“Because my person isn’t here anymore to share information about me, I will try to tell you what I can about myself. I’m between 8-9 years old. I’m a poodle mix and I weigh 18 pounds. I saw a vet in July of this year. The caregiver may be able to tell you what vet I saw. She says I have no medical issues. I feel good, I act like healthy boy!

“I’m an easy going dude.  I can go quite a while without needing a potty break. I can do stairs. I’m great on leash too. I can stay alone when you leave the house without any problems. During the day  I like to hang out on the couch or recliner chair and at night I sleep at the food of the bed.  I rarely bark. With time and proper introductions, I am a good boy when I meet friendly dogs. I’m friendly to cats and gentle kids too.

“My hope is that I will find a home with someone who will be around and  will be able to care for me for the rest of my days. I’m a youngster for my breed and I would like to believe I have a long life ahead of me. My person taught me to be a well mannered boy. The caregiver says that I’m sweet and loving. I’m hoping someone really wonderful will want me.”

Buddy is located in Chehalis, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.