Keno is a truly big dog, Australian Shepherd with something large – German Shepherd perhaps? He turned up in someone’s woodshed; the owner was identified but didn’t want him back. The kind person cared for him for quite some time, getting him veterinary care and feeding him, but really didn’t want him in the house. Now he’s living in an ODH family that DOES want him. Keno gets super excited when his people get home and jumps around a bit, doing an adorable prance at times. He doesn’t leave their sides, even outside. He doesn’t wander or want to go anywhere. He’s glued, this is the best life and the most loved he’s been in a long time. Keno is losing weight, healthy and happy now. As his foster family says: Such a sweet guy and soooo good.

Update:  Keno spent 4-1/2 wonderful years with his Final Refuge home – we at ODH are seldom lucky enough to have that long with our dogs, especially a very large one.     Keno and his ODH family fought the good fight with every possible treatment and therapy, but he became less and less able to move.  We believe he was a victim of degenerative myelopathy which strikes the spinal cord and cannot be treated.    This wonderful big guy was loved by so many, he leaves a huge hole in his family.