I didn’t know what to expect when I started foresting for old dog haven. Part of me was afraid I was gonna get a tiny hairless dog that was gonna hate me, boy was I wrong.

I got a patchy little dog who believed she could conquer the world as long as she was by your side.

She was my best friend and lit up any room she want into. In the one year we had her she went camping more times then I could count, got to see frozen lakes and the view from mountain tops, she went to California and when we got stuck in Vegas she had more fun then us. She loved walking the strip and greeting anyone who was near us the casinos stomping her little feet until they gave her a belly rubs.

She was my best friend, she went everywhere with me and I wouldn’t of had it another way. She was a trouper when she had her mammary glands removed because of cancer, even when the dementia kicked in she had her strong moments conquering her sharkie and keeping me company on my many bus rides.

And then one day after a year, she looked at me and her little eyes where just so tired. I knew in the pit of my stomach, I had seen it coming but wasn’t ready myself. In fact I tried to brush it off though her not eating  breakfast left me a little uneasy and I headed to work. I was there for maybe an hour before I emailed Judith and made the decision to let my girl pass over. I left work early and got cheesy popcorn and made some bacon. Those were her favorites.

It was hard to say the least when they gave her the first shot she pressed her self into my chest for as long as she could stand, finally laying down and putting her head in my hands. I cannot really go into the rest for it makes me cry to hard and I cannot see my screen.

This is where I said good bye to my best friend and the best year of my life. I cannot wait until I am able to foster again – it was amazing how much of an impact my little half bald monkey made.

Thank you so much old dog haven, I will never truly be able to express the happiness brought into my life by fostering for you.