Kenya was a Miniature Pinscher with a European long tail and one floppy ear. Her owner was returning to England after a divorce and felt Kenya was too old to put her through the 6-month quarantine there, so Kenya went to a shelter and then came to Old Dog Haven.

Kenya arrived at her foster home with a variety of issues. She had trouble walking and would easily lose her balance. She had elevated liver enzymes, and an occasional brief seizure. And within a month she began coughing from what turned out to be collapsing bronchii. Amazingly, with glucosamine and gabapentin her gait and balance over time normalized and she could  even leap and twirl when excited. Her liver enzymes remained moderately elevated but stable. Her cough responded to cough suppressants and was only an occasional nuisance for her. She was a happy sweet little girl, who, for some reason, took a dislike to one of her pug brothers (much to his dismay), and who always stood on her toes on the vet table. She wasn’t really a cuddler except every night before bed when she and her foster mom had a special snuggle time together. She loved her blanket and would frequently be seen with her head burrowed under, clearly believing that her whole body was covered.

Min Pins can live for 18-19 years and her foster parents had hopes of having Kenya around for some time. Sadly after being with ODH for exactly a year she developed pancreatitis which then caused her already compromised liver to fail, and it was time to say good-bye.

She was very much loved, and her family and pug foster sibs will miss their “long-noser.”