Kirby is an adorable 10 year old Japanese Chin who weighs 16 pounds. Kirby is said to be “one of the sweetest, most kindest dogs ever.”

Kirby walked into his foster home with other male dogs and just mingled and got to know everyone straight away.  They are all getting along quite well as if Kirby had been part of the pack for years. Kirby had been used to being the only dog so it is very nice that he likes other dogs.

Kirby is not going to be a dog that you will take jogging. He does enjoy gentle walks and he is not supposed to jump off of furniture.  He has had x rays of his spine and he’s got a bit of wear and tear so he needs a home with someone who will be careful with him so that his quality of life continues.

Kirby is posted for Rebecca’s Rainbow and is being fostered in Redmond, WA. If you are interested in adopting Kirby, please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.