Kirby looks to us like a Cairn Terrier mix, perhaps a little bigger and a little more outgoing. He found himself back in a shelter after being adopted several years before; he was again adopted and then returned. Over this process he had lost an eye, acquired a moderate heart murmur, and became severely flea infested with resulting skin infection. Since he also now had arthritis in a knee and had lost some hearing, the shelter asked ODH to take him. After all these changes and neglect, little Kirby took a while to feel like he really belonged in his foster home. Gradually he completely “moved in” and became very comfortable with the other dogs and very affectionate as well. He’s now a beautiful little guy with a good coat and glowing attitude who makes his family smile, especially when he stands on his back feet and begs with his mouth wide open like a baby bird. In his second year with his ODH home, Kirby’s remaining eyesight began to fail and he became more confused and frightened. When the happy days lessened and his fears overtook him, he was sent on in peace – he will be remembered with so much love. He passed away August, 2014.