Meet Kitkit!

Kitkit was pulled from a shelter in April and went to her Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home. Since then, Kit has been vetted and unfortunately a very large splenic tumor was found and there appears to be something growing on her liver as well. Sadly, surgery is not an option for Kitkit.

On the plus side, this dear girl doesn’t know anything is wrong with her, she just knows that she is loved, warm and safe.

Kitkit is enjoying her life at her new home with her mom and resident pups Mango (15), Vinny (14) and Raven (10). OK, maybe they’re not quite pups!

Kitkit enjoys warm summer days sleeping in the sunny backyard and in the winter she likes her spot in front of the fireplace. Kit’s favorite pastimes are sleeping, napping and resting. A perfect example of old dog activities.

Update:   Little KitKit had 9 months being loved in her ODH home before a tumor on her spleen ruptured.  Her family misses her a great deal.