Koby is a sweet and laid back 14-year-old Shih Tzu boy that came into a shelter as a stray. Sadly, the shelter staff discovered it was not his first time through the shelter, and this time his age and poor physical condition meant he was not a candidate for adoption and they contact Old Dog Haven for help finding him a forever home.

When Koby arrived at his ODH Final Refuge home, he was greeted by another ODH senior and the resident dog. Within minutes, the dogs were calmly getting acquainted and soon went for a short neighborhood walk together.  His ODH mom was immediately smitten with his cute, pouty face and gentle nature. He’s adjusting well to his new home routine and gets along well with the other dogs.

It turns out that Koby is nearly blind, may have poor hearing, a heart murmur, is a little on the thin side. He also  needs a dental. Old Dog Haven will ensure that he gets the medical care that he needs and Koby can keep enjoying napping in the sun, strolling with his new pack to check out all the smells, and making sure his meals are served on time!

Update: Koby had a good life with his foster mom, ODH foster Primrose and resident dog Poppy.  Koby’s last chapter was quiet and home centered, as it started in early March of 2020. In spite of pandemic protocols, there were still opportunities for adventures to the local nature areas and parks and many neighborhood ambling sniff-n-pee “walks”. Towards the end, the stroller allowed for more exercise for the slightly younger and more agile sisters, while allowing Koby to continue to enjoy trips around the neighborhood. Sadly, a combination of kidney and heart disease, blindness, arthritis and dementia became too debilitating and Koby passed peacefully in the loving arms of his foster mom.