Sweet, wee Peanut is a senior chihuahua mix who just needed a few extra shares from ODH supporters to find an ODH Final Refuge home, and boy, did she luck out!

Fortunately, Peanut had the support of longtime ODH volunteer, who has advocated for hundreds of senior shelter dogs for over 10 years now, and along with the increased exposure finally found her forever home….and her very own boy! Peanut’s Final Refuge family is new to ODH and while they didn’t initially expect to take in such a small dog, they opened their hearts and offered to give Peanut the home she needed. As you can see from the photos, little Peanut couldn’t be more pleased!

As an unspayed senior dog, Peanut will need some special care which your support of ODH will make possible. Once she settles in to her new home she will finally be spayed, and have the largest of the many mammary masses she has removed and monitored, in the hopes that without the hormone stimulation the others won’t grow. We are hoping this very nice little girl has lots of time ahead with her new people (did we mention she now has her very own boy?) who love her very much.

That’s the magic of Old Dog Haven…in a (pea)nutshell!

Update:  Sadly, even though surgery removed her mammary tumors, they had metastasized and her family had to let her go.  She really enjoyed her home and loving family and fortunately had some very good time enjoying the good life.

Peanut and her advocate

Guess who now has her very own boy?

A very happy tail!