Koda and Apple are best friends in need of a rest-of-their-lifetime home. Koda is a 13 pound corgi mix, guessed to be between 11-12 years old. Apple is said to be a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix. She weighs 10 pounds and is estimated to be between 12-13 years old.

While both of these girls have lived with many other dogs, Koda needs more time to accept new canine friends. Apple is much more outgoing with other dogs. Sometimes this bothers Koda as she can be protective of her BFF. We are told she does get over this and that she is “all bark”. The pair have lived with many cats and do just fine with them. Apple strongly dislikes children, it is believed she was abused by kids when she was a puppy. Koda has had the same home her entire life so there has been no issue with children. However, since Apple is so fearful of kids, the best home for both of them (since they must stay together), is a child-free home.

The girls are OK to stay together in their home when their human must leave the house. Their human has worked from home for some time so they are accustomed to that. However, as long as they have each other and somewhere nice and comfy to rest on, they are pretty happy. At this time it is reported that the girls can manage quite a while between potty breaks. Of course they’d prefer not to have to do this.  In a new setting, one should show patience as dogs learn when and where they need to get out to do their business. One must keep in mind that in general, senior dogs require more frequent potty breaks.

We are told they don’t bark as much as they used to, especially when they are inside their home. Apple does bark in excitement to greet her person home but who can be mad about that?! No one can welcome you home like a dog can! Koda and Apple both can manage stairs currently.

Koda has had issues with hair loss and fleas. She truly needs someone who can help her with this. Neither dog has seen a vet in quite a while but they are both up to date on vaccines. Apple and Koda need an adopter who can and will afford their vet care for life. Certainly upon adoption, getting both girls in to be thoroughly vetted to get the best picture of their overall health is ideal.

Apple and Koda don’t get out for walks and exercise. We are told they both do well on leash and harness so perhaps getting them out to stretch their legs and smell new smells would be nice. Because of Apple’s fear of children, a walk where kids are present would not be enjoyable to her. There are plenty of places one could take these darling girls, even around your block to start!

With care, love, and time, we believe Koda and Apple could settle into a new home and be a delightful addition to one’s home! Adopting bonded pairs can be so rewarding; knowing you helped friends stay together when they’ve lost all else in their world can warm one’s heart every day.

Apple and Koda are located in Belfair, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Koda and Apple are not Old Dog Haven dogs. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.