Kona is a lovely 10 year old golden retriever (mix?). She weighs 60 pounds. Kona is in need of a home without children. The addition of young children to her home has not been something Kona is happy about.  She has lived with other dogs but is timid around new dogs. It is unknown how Kona would react to a cat in the home.

At night Kona sleeps in her kennel, during the day she is out in the yard or inside her home. She can manage quite a few hours between potty breaks and is fine to stay in her home when the humans need to leave the house.

This girl sounds like such a good dog! She does all the things we’d expect a dog to do. She barks when people come to the door, she LOVES adults and is said to be “the sweetest dog in the world!” The young kids in her home just stress her. Kona will thrive in an adult only home with more attention and more time for walks. She does well on leash with a Gentle Leader harness. Kona can still act like a puppy when she’s happy, wouldn’t that be fantastic to see?!!

Kona’s eyesight is not as sharp as it once was but that can certainly happen with age. She can be stiff when she gets up in the morning, as a senior dog can be (and a senior human!). We are told Kona can still manage stairs. At this time she is not taking anything for her arthritis so it’d be nice if her adopter would do that for her. Her people do not believe she’s ever had a senior check up with lab work. This too, should be afforded by her adopter with regular vet care, good quality dog food and grooming as needed.

The hope is that Kona will find an adoptive home soon. She is ready to begin life in a child-free home!

Kona is located in Kirkland, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Kona is not an Old Dog Haven dog. Old Dog Haven has not assessed this dog for medical issues and will not be responsible for medical care after adoption. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.