Kramer ended up in a busy shelter after his family was evicted from their living situation. The shelter got in touch with ODH, and he moved into a Final Refuge home. ODH removed his diseased spleen, provided medications for his thyroid and for pain due to severe arthritis. He enjoyed aquatic therapy, glucosamine injections, massage, and even acupuncture. Kramer thrived. Over time, he felt increasingly better, and his wonderfully goofy and loving personality shone through. It was impossible to spend any time with Kramer and not laugh and feel good.

Nothing made him happier than spending time in the backyard, chasing squirrels and rabbits and barking at pesky crows. He always got along well with his two dog brothers and the four cats, and he absolutely loved going for neighborhood walks with his pack.

Kramer suddenly and unexpectedly developed bloat, and he was let go with his foster parents and favorite veterinarian by his side.

He had an amazingly large and joyful presence, and his foster family will remember him with smiles.