From her ODH mom: Rizzo came to our family with skin best described as raw. She had a look in her eyes of uncertainty. But, her spirit was ready – ready to soar and love with abandon. She quickly took her place as the caretaker and rule maker! She helped Sparky (blind) find his way with gentle nuzzles and watched over him cuddling with him on the couch. She made certain everyone was in their right place on the bed each night.

Most of all, she made sure our pack was filled with laughter and love. Although Rizzo guarded her family very closely, she greeted every individual she met with love and joy, even small children. It never cease to amaze me her capacity for loving.

She may have been a small dog, but her personality was enormous and her place in our lives will be missed and the memory of her held forever.

Rizzo rat terr WR3-073116