“Howdy! My name’s Lennon. Hope you won’t mind if I don’t get up. I like to cram myself into my yorkie friend’s little bed. It’s cozy and it makes my human smile. I like to do that, make her smile. I like to keep her safe too. Sadly I cannot stay with her as much as she wants to keep me. I’ve not been with her too long; she adopted me from a shelter last Winter. Her hope is to not have to bring me back there so here I am, looking for an adoptive home. I need a real and true forever home, maybe you can help me find that?

“I hear people say I’m between 9-10 years old. Because of my breeding, it can be harder to find a home for me and for some sad reason it can be hard to find a place to rent that will allow my breed. I’m a good sized boy at 66 pounds. I live with a yorkie who is great but the other dog here is a big male who still has his testicles. Upon my arrival he decided we’d not be friends and it’s made life difficult for everyone here. Aside from him, I’ve been good with other dogs my size who won’t jump on me-I’m sure you can understand that! I’m good with cats and kids that are at least 8 years old.

“When my human adopted me from the shelter I had very unhealthy skin. Lucky for me she knew how to take care of me, she has me on a special diet and fish oil. Sometimes she gives me a pill or 2 when I’m sore from arthritis, I appreciate that so much. Because I have to stay in her room in a kennel while she’s at work (because of the roommate’s dog who hates me), I sometimes get a pill for my anxiety. It’d be GREAT to not have to be kenneled for hours! I can hold it quite a few hours before I need a potty break.

“I LOVE going for walks. I can walk for a couple miles and sometimes I get to go to a secure place to run. My human will let me run til I tucker out. It’s so much! I do well on leash unless there’s a bike, skateboarder or strange male that gets too close to me and my human. I gotta protect my human! Or I think I do…I know some basic commands and a couple of tricks. To toot my own horn, I’m a smart fellow. I’m not too barky. My favorite thing to do is cuddle up either in the sun, under some blankets or in a little dog or cat bed.

“I really am a loving and loyal boy. I need a home and very, very soon. If you can’t adopt me, can you please tell all of your friends about me? I am waiting in Tacoma, Washington.”

For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.