Meet Leo! Or, as he is most commonly called in his foster home, Uncle Leo. This dog is waiting for his best friend. He is amazingly intelligent, and full of fun and love. Leo is one of those dogs that is so full of life and happiness that he brings joy and entertainment to whomever he is with. He is a good boy who wants to please and loves hanging out watching TV or going for walks. He rides well in the car and is an excellent companion. He has done well with most other dogs. He is a Rat Terrier, though, so requires a non alpha companion and proper introduction. He then becomes most dogs’ play friend and cuddle couch buddy. He hangs out with tiny to big dogs and has done well. The cutest thing and the way he has earned his name, Uncle Leo, is that this remarkable soul has a profound love and nurturing nature for animal babies. He shares his foster home with a litter of tiny breed foster puppies. Uncle Leo loves each one and keeps an eye on them making sure they are handled with love and are safe. He will let you know if a tiny one is, in his “opinion”, in need of something. He will plunk himself right down in the middle of the babies and spend endless time hanging out with them. He is so sweet and nurturing. Leo’s lifetime owner ended up in a housing crisis and like many dogs Leo came to R.E.D. to find another loving home. This is a hardy, long lived breed that can remain very active well into their teens and the average life span is 15 to 18 years or more; some have lived into their 20s. Leo is approximately 20 pounds, 10 years old, and in excellent, active condition. Leo is house and crate trained, and has been excellent at going outside to do his business. A home with a fenced yard for Leo is mandatory. Sweet, Uncle Leo, is looking for his new, faithful, forever, people.

Leo is posted for Rescue Every Dog (R.E.D.) He is in a R.E.D. foster home in Poulsbo, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.