Dear Leonard. Leonard was an owner surrender for euthanasia. The shelter manager told Old Dog Haven he’d arrived with a dish towel safety pinned around his middle (a makeshift belly band). His lifelong people had not one good thing to say about him. Thankfully, staff at the shelter felt Leonard deserved a second chance so Old Dog Haven was asked if a home could be found for him.  When Leonard arrived to his forever foster home, he was traumatized and untrusting. But his fosters could see he needed people who would love him and give him the time he needed to understand he finally made it to the home he was meant to be in.

Leonard loved his walks and when walking too far became difficult he loved wagon rides. He enjoyed finding a cozy bed with blankets to burrow into. Leonard was one of his foster dad’s “crew” who spent their time in his office while he worked. But he bonded as well with his foster mom; he’d always wait for when she left the house and greet her happily upon her return. Leonard loved when visitors came to the house. He was friendly and was always welcoming.

What’s truly special is that Leonard made a friend in CALIFORNIA who saw him on the Old Dog Haven Facebook page and made him her “#1 Son”. She donated towards his care and bought him Christmas presents. Incredibly she flew in from California this past summer to meet Leonard in person! This was a dog who’d been unloved by his lifelong owners, yet a stranger saw his photo and fell in love with him.

The dog who’d been so unloved had finally found a home with a family and friends who loved and appreciate him. Leonard will be missed.