Lexi, a truly beautiful Keeshond, was left at a shelter by her owner who said she was 11. The shelter noticed problems and found she was in early kidney failure so ODH stepped in. We discovered through her microchip that she’s at least 15! Her kidney disease is progressing but with treatment we hope she’ll have some good months ahead of her. Meanwhile, she sleeps a great deal – as expected for an old lady – but gets along really well with her “siblings” and is enjoying a peaceful retirement with a lot of love around her. Lexi fought off her kidney disease for 9 months with the help of her devoted ODH family and vet, but finally her kidneys failed and her old body was too tired to go on. We’re so glad she was able to spend the last of her many years in a home surrounded by people who cared. Lexi passed away February 11, 2014.