Bernice went through two different shelters at the age of 15 after her person died; she’d been well cared for all her life and it’s hard to imagine what she thought had happened to her happy world. Fortunately, ODH was asked to take her in because of severe dental disease – and we got her to the dental specialist three days after she came to her ODH home! She also has some neurologic problems which were evaluated by another specialist but she handles those well. This lovely well-mannered lady settled into her new home with grace and style. And her Final Refuge family adds that in addition to looking regal and like a princess, she has a wonderfully goofy side! Having long poodle legs she can leap three feet in the air to welcome you home or when dinner is served. But occasionally all four feet then land in the water dish giving her pack mates a bit of a bath. Her family is very grateful for the joy she brings every day. Bernice’s body gave out very suddenly, but she of course was close to her ODH mom who saw her stagger and was able to hold her until the vet could release her completely. She was a special girl who had such a presence in their home for 4 months, and she left with just as much grace. A lovely lady with a truly sweet soul, who will be deeply missed by her dad and mom. Bernice passed away February 20, 2014.