10 year Lhotse is an 18 pound shih tzu. He has never lived with other dogs before but the belief is he would be fine living with another dog his size or smaller as he is friendly with those he meets. Lhotse is not fond of large dogs he encounters nor is he fond of children under the age of 10. Lhotse has lived with cats and he has done well with them. He is a good boy who is fine to stay alone for a work day; managing quite a long time without needing a potty break. Lhotse will find a comfy spot to nap in while you are away and greet you happily when you come home. He loves it when his people throw his toys around the house so he can chase them. Lhotse enjoys two walks a day and runs around the house upon his return home. He can manage stairs. Lhotse is a cute, cuddly dog who enjoys meeting new people. He is described as being “laid back and friendly”.

Lhotse is in Seattle, WA. waiting for a new home.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.