Lindy Lou was taken to the shelter by her owners because she kept escaping. She was then 10 years old, weighed 89 pounds, and probably a shepherd cross. She is very sweet and lives to be in the house! She truly is an escape artist, which seems unlikely because she is so crippled. She has suffered two torn ACL’s in the past, which were not surgically repaired. She also has arthritis in one front leg, leaving her with one good leg! She is great with other dogs and can be somewhat timid, hiding behind her Final Refuge mom or trying to get between her legs when unsure of a new dog. Other than her arthritis, she is in good health. So far she has lost 13 pounds and moves around much easier at this healthier weight. Lindy and her siblings enjoy taking 2 or 3 walks around the “back 40” every day, which also helps. She is great in the house and loves car rides. Lindy still tries to escape the front yard when her mom leaves, but fortunately only goes to the back porch and awaits her return. Her mom has re-fenced, plugged holes, etc., but Lindy Lou still tries to find a way out of the yard. She might be crippled, but she is very strong in stature and will! After nearly 3 years being well loved in her ODH home, sweet Lindy’s collection of tumors had grown too large and she had grown too old. She couldn’t move comfortably or rest well, and it was time to say goodbye. We knew the time was drawing near so her last weeks had been filled with extra TLC. That lovely face and sweet smile had been a great light in her ODH mom’s life and a good ambassador for us at activities as well. She was a good friend and is very much missed. Lindy Lou died 5/14/15.