Munchie was a half of a pair surrendered to a shelter by their owner two weeks before Christmas. He and his best friend had not been cared for; both boys were not just intact but cryptorchid. They had rotting teeth and other health issues that had never been addressed. We were happy to be able to find them a foster home where they could stay together. Munchie was a lot less confident then his friend and he especially was fearful of men. His foster mom bonded quickly with Munchie and found him to be a really loving little dog. Munchie was quite content to go for car rides with his buddy BooBoo. He was “bath time monitor” in his foster home. Whenever his foster mom gave the other dogs baths, he’d give a little “scratch, scratch” at the door so that he could come in and observe. Munchie would sit quietly for a bit and then go over and give whatever dog was getting a bath a couple of little licks. He was a good friend to another little chi in his foster home too; Esther had been part of another pair of dogs at a different shelter. She’d not been as lucky as Munchie to be able to stay with her friend. Esther is a dog who mostly kept to herself until evening when it was time for her to join her foster mom and various dogs on the couch to watch some TV. Munchie would join them and be very patient while Esther gave him a thorough eye and ear washing. This is the same kind of washing Munchie gave to his buddy BooBoo all of the time . Ironically, BooBoo seemed to be in worse shape than Munchie (having Cushing’s) and their foster mom worried how Munchie would handle losing his friend BooBoo when that time came. But it didn’t happen that way. Munchie had a heart condition rare to dogs and in spite of seeing 2 different cardiologists and numerous vet visits, there was nothing to do to help Munchie keep breathing well. Five months after coming home, sweet little Munchie was sent on. He is sorely missed by his foster mom and his friends. Munchie died 5/13/15.