Sponsor Me

Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Little, a fifteen year old male, small, four and a half pound skinny poodle, found himself in a shelter at an advanced age and in pretty bad condition.

From his Final Refuge Foster:  He came to us as our tiny but mighty pup but was terribly incontinent, had miserable rotted teeth, a left nasal fissure which caused thick drainage, dry eyes, and a hunched arthritic spine.  We were told that Little was not a confident boy. So, on day one, he snuggled up with our eighteen year old resident shih tzu. They sleep together, play together, and Emmett, already on schedule, now has a pee partner. Stanley and Percy (ODH) are Little’s walking partners. And Satchel(ODH) is the napping partner.

Seen by our vets, Little has now the help he needs, due to ODH and donors covering meds, treatment, and procedures. Little will be seen by a cardiologist soon to okay having dental procedure done. With the pain meds on board, he is able to eat well, move better and is starting to gain some heft!

Our ‘Flying Walenda’ dances, twirls, and scampers.  Just as he should!


Little is sponsored by:

  • Matthew J Beyer of Seattle, WA in honor of Erica Farnsworth - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Ruth Fay of Portland, OR