Louie the Schnauzer was surrendered to a shelter when his owner’s living circumstances changed, and the shelter immediately contacted ODH. He’s 13 years old but has been very well cared for and doesn’t act anywhere near his age. He fit in with his foster family immediately and since joining their pack has learned to jump on the couch unassisted and play with dogs *and* toys. He’s not a lap dog but loves to snuggle close, and he looks meaningfully and deeply into your eyes for a long time as if to convey a very important message – maybe “I’m happy!” is the message, because Louie is as active as the much younger dogs he walks with every day and can’t wait to jump in the car to go for a hike. Schnauzers are known to live long lives and so we are hopeful that Louie will be around to play and run with his buddies for a long time to come!

Update:  After 16 months of a really happy life with his ODH home, Louie’s age caught up with him and he was sent on his way peacefully.    He left many good memories; his family and his packmates miss him.