Ernesto came to ODH when the “pound” showed one of our foster moms an old blind pug found in a WalMart parking lot. She of course couldn’t resist (just look at that face!) and Ernesto was easily accepted by her other Final Refuges. This great little guy had quite a few problems besides his blindness: he was unaltered, he had ear infections, a previously broken leg with a pin it and his teeth were terrible. In the first months he was neutered, his ears cleared up though he remained completely deaf, and his eyes are more comfortable with frequent drops and help from an ophthalmologist. He had two dentals including a visit to a dental specialist. He feels much better now! Unfortunately, he also had a severe bout with old-dog vestibular disease (dizziness), much more difficult for him due to his blindness. He recovered well from that, though, and his cheery nature remained along with his great smile. He needs constant work on his dry eye condition, but he’s watched over by another dog in the home and even shares space with the kitty gracefully. The dental specialist called Ernesto “a class act” and we think so too.

Update:  This funny old man hung on a long time as his ODH dad’s best buddy, with lots of special care and attention. Finally that little body just couldn’t go on any longer, and he was sent on his way with love.