They say age is just a number, you’re as young as you feel, like fine wines we get better with time.  Well, it seems Lucky Lou has taken these philosophies to heart!  This vintage model, spry old gent is sporting ~15 years of vim and vigor in his 13-pound body.  Like the best of us, he shows some wear and tear but wow, what a trooper!  At the time of life when he should have been pampered and coddled, Lucky found himself abandoned in an overcrowded shelter. Undeterred, he kept his sunny outlook and travelled here to begin a new chapter filled with skilled veterinarians, caring staff and a loving foster home. Lucky Lou powered through his dental and a specialized surgery, leaving him with a few less teeth and only one eye. But nothing seems to phase this guy! He recovered beautifully in his foster home and took it all in stride.  Ya just can’t keep a good dog down!  Despite his age, Lucky loves to putter around with other dogs big and small. He’s also good with cats. He enjoys leisurely leash walks. Although the sight in his remaining eye is impaired and his hearing is minimal, he navigates surprisingly well. He sniffs, explores, and trots alongside his younger canine companions then cuddles up close to his pet-pals or humans for a long nap. With a regular schedule he is well house trained and he is willing to rest in crate although he’d much prefer a soft bed.

What Lucky may lack in time, he makes up for with his sunny disposition and affectionate companionship. His health is currently stable and he is surprisingly active and bright.  We can’t say how long Lucky might have
left, we just know this snuggly senior will enrich your life just as you can make his final chapter a story of compassion and care. Lucky Lou needs a stair-free home with another friendly dog to serve as his buddy
and mentor, and a household where someone is there most of the time. Even a small fenced yard will allow him access to potty regularly and explore safely.

He is posted for the Humane Society of Southwest Washington in Vancouver WA.    If you think you can open your heart and offer respite, companionship and the TLC Lucky Lou so deserves, please email to learn more about this darling senior who is in a foster home there.