“Oh hello, I am Lulu the Puggle! I am 11 years old and in very good health…well except for my extra weight I am carrying around, but I have already lost 5 lbs since coming here…only about 10 more to go! Don’t worry I am so active that the weight is coming right off!

“I absolutely love going for walks and long ones are just fine with me. I love being outside so someone with a secure yard that I can wander and sniff would be awesome! Even though I am chubby I am very mobile, I can jump up on the furniture and do stairs with no problem! Have you ever met a Puggle?

“Well we Puggles have some similar traits and I am no exception! We are very smart dogs and learn very quickly, I am what is called a people pleaser so that makes me very easy to train! I am especially good at finding garbage and getting into it. We Puggles can even figure out how to open cabinets and help ourselves to a snack, so you will need to make sure your kitchen is Puggle proof! Puggles are very interested in squirrels and things that run so even though I have not been around kitties foster mom is guessing I may enjoy chasing them a little too much.

“The Beagle in me wants to just follow my nose, so if a door is open I am heading out to sniff, so a secure yard is a must. Us Puggles can also be a bit vocal and I do like to bark a bit when I see dogs, but don’t worry I could not be more friendly! I live with a pug and we are best pals.I am a lover girl…I love to cuddle and get belly rubs. I am super easy going, happy girl that loves to nap during the day, but can be ready to go for a car ride or a walk in an instant! I am gentle and sensitive and always entertaining my foster family. Foster family says you could not ask for a
more perfect companion than me!”

Lulu is located in Portland Oregon with Pacific Pug Rescue.  If you are interested in adopting or have questions please email adoptions@pacificpugrescue.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.