Hello! I am Missy and as you can see, I do not look like the other pugs. That’s because I am a chug, short for a pug-Chihuahua mix. My foster mom thinks I am perfectly proportioned whatever that means. She says she loves my big brown eyes, and my ears because they stick up! Oh, and she also says I have a very good smeller because I love to explore when I am outside!

I do make my foster mom laugh. I like to tease her. Every time she tries to take my picture, I look the other way or close my eyes!

I am completely house trained; if I need to go out, I will come and tell you. You see, I talk. I talk when I want to go out, when I want to eat and even when I want to play. Sometimes my foster mom calls me Lassie whoever that is. Maybe because one time I wanted my blankie and I saw her put it in the dryer, so I barked and kept barking and walking so she would follow me to the dryer and get it for me! I am very smart!

I may be 12, but I am very healthy. I have lots of energy and I love to go for walks. When I hear the word walk, I jump up and down and talk to you because I am so excited! I like to run, and play chase. I also like to play tug -o-war with a soft toy. I love to go for rides, too. Basically, I want to go wherever you go.

I like my naps. I have my own bed and a couple blankies. I love to be tucked in with my blankie wrapped around me. If you want me to sleep on your bed, I need help getting up, but I can jump down . I am not a snuggler, but I like to be near you and I love to be scratched, petted or a massage is great! I might even stretch out on your lap if you will scratch me under my neck or behind my ears…..you will definitely get some kisses!

I haven’t been around a lot of people because of the pandemic and it took some time for me to get to know my foster mom, but she says I am really sweet, very lovable and extremely easy to have around. I am very quiet unless I have something important to say. I like small dogs but I wouldn’t mind having all the attention! I guarantee you I will make a wonderful companion.

MIssy is located in Portland Oregon with Pacific Pug Rescue.  If you are interested in learning more please email adoptions@pacificpugrescue.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.