Lulu Marie is an 11-year-old Basenji/Chihuahua mix surrendered to a shelter in early 2020. The shelter discovered a sweet dog with a load of medical issues–she’d never been spayed and she suffered from skin conditions, inguinal hernias, luxating patellas (kneecaps that move out of normal position), and dental disease. All of this pretty much assured that she was not adoptable so the shelter contacted Old Dog Haven for help.

Thanks to your support of ODH, Lulu Marie found her Final Refuge forever home.  Once there, her new family got her to a veterinarian where Lulu Marie received needed vaccines and medications for her liver and skin issues. Not long after that, LuLu Marie needed an emergency spay for pyometra (a life-threatening infection in unspayed dogs) which was unnerving but saved her life. Her blood levels improved dramatically after surgery and the liver issue resolved. Lulu Marie also received needed dental surgery to remove a number of rotted teeth. Whew! She’ll soon get her dental work completed and her hernia issues addressed. Her ODH family tells us that through all of this vet care and recovery, she has been a real trooper!

Despite these challenges, Lulu Marie is a lovely, photogenic little dog who enjoys eating and loves to nap and cuddle. Like many Chihuahuas, Lulu Marie prefers the warmer weather and you will often find her hiding under blankets on the sofa. Her family says, “She has an alarm clock in her stomach. When the clocks were changed for fall, it took a week for her stomach to adjust to the new time! And the Basenji part of her is interesting, because she does not bark but she can yodel. She is a good girl and very happy to be part of the Old Dog Haven family!”