Jesse came to the shelter as a stray with chronic and untreated ear infections, skin allergies, and cataracts. A rescue group arranged for him to see an allergy specialist, who discovered that Jesse’s ear drums had been eaten away by infection and he was functionally deaf. Old Dog Haven stepped in to get Jesse the surgery he so desperately needed. The Maranda Fund was used to cover the cost of a total ear canal ablation and bulla osteotomy (TECA-BO) on both ears.

Jesse was placed in an ODH foster home to recuperate from the delicate surgery. His recovery was long and difficult, because both ear canals had been removed and his ears sutured closed. In addition, Jesse developed a corneal ulcer on his left eye as a side effect of the surgery, which further complicated his recovery.

Despite being deaf, Jesse is now fully recovered from surgery and no longer suffers from chronic ear infections. His other medical conditions are being well managed, with daily drops for his eyes and a monthly injection for his allergies. The ODH family that fostered Jesse for post-operative recovery became his Final Refuge forever home, and this is what they say about him:

“Jesse is a sweet, well-adjusted, affectionate, intelligent, happy little guy who loves to cuddle on the couch, explore his yard with his sisters, and learn tricks and hand signals for treats. You wouldn’t know he was deaf by the way Jesse dances through life, not letting anything hold him back, thanks to Old Dog Haven’s Maranda Fund.”

Update:  Jesse continues to do well and is a bright, cheerful, affectionate little boy. You would never know he is deaf and losing his eyesight, because Jesse has no trouble navigating his way to the kitchen when he wants a treat or to the back door when he needs to go out. When it’s time to relax with the family, Jesse finds his spot on the couch and snuggles under a blanket. When it’s bedtime, Jesse hops on and off the bed without any assistance. And he’ll be the first one to the door when a package is delivered! Jesse doesn’t let his limitations hold him back. Thank you Old Dog supporters who make it possible for him to enjoy life to the fullest.”