Mabel is a sweet senior gal who is learning love and trust after recently being placed in her forever Old Dog Haven foster home.

Mabel had a pretty rough life before finding her way to Old Dog Haven. She had leg amputation surgery, making her a tripod, and was completely blind with a painful eye condition that caused her much discomfort.  After consulting with the veterinarian, the decision was made to remove her eyes to relieve her pain. She was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease and will need to be on medication for the rest of her life. A dog like Mabel would have no chance of finding an adopter so Old Dog Haven found an experienced foster home to care for her every need.

Mabel’s permanent foster home is thrilled to have her join their family and reports that she is a very quiet and polite houseguest who
enjoys cuddling with her new sister, Rizzo. Her favorite thing to do besides eating is to nap the day away in her favorite bed while her family moves her to keep up with the slivers of midday sunshine that shine through the windows. Her vision impairments have not stopped her from enthusiastically exploring the house and backyard and has adjusted well to her new home, getting around with ease. Mable lives in a multi-generational home and she has created a very special bond with Grandma and is very content to be held and comforted by her special person as much as possible.

Mabel had quite the journey on her way to her foster family but they are so happy Old Dog Haven is committed to providing her with a loving home and medical care for the rest of her life. This once-abandoned old dog is now comfortable and living a great life with a family that adores her.

Update:  After much too short a time, dear Mabel’s health deteriorated further and her family had to say goodbye.  She was a very brave little pup and will be grately missed.  We are thankful that she had as much time as she did being loved and adored.