Otherwise known at home as “Miss Mable Sue,” Mable came to us from a crowded shelter in April 2012. She was a very quiet, calm, old lady. Mable came to us with quite a bit of arthritis but that did not stop her from walking the property line her foster brothers and sisters. She would love to stretch out in the grass and nap in the sun. She seemed grateful for a loving, safe place to lay and happy to help you finish up any food you had laying around. Mable has slowed down quite a bit in the last year and started coughing chronically in 2013. After a couple of vet checks and x-rays with radiologist review, the diagnosis was a tumor or mass near her lungs. Her ODH family kept her calm and prepared to make her comfortable for what they thought would be a short time. Happily, Mable decided to prove everyone wrong. With some antibiotics, her cough went away and a year later she was still with us. Slow but well! She spent the days napping on her favorite bed and waiting for mealtime. On a good warm sunny day, she would surprise everyone and come on out for a walk in the yard. Just last week she decided to go for a swim in the duck pond and came to the house soaking wet. After exactly two years in her foster home, Mable fell ill one evening; after nursing her for days and hoping she would prove everyone wrong yet again, her ODH family felt she was starting to suffer and had to let her go. She spent her last days surrounded by her friends and family, who showered her with love and attention. She passed peacefully at home in her foster mom’s arms. They will miss Mable every day and thank her for gracing them with her beautiful presence. She passed away May, 2014.