Machica is a sweet older Chi who came to ODH with several problems:  poor hearing, very little vision  and her spine and legs are terribly compromised. As a result, her gait is extremely awkward, and she falls often.  Throughout her four years with Old Dog Haven, little Machica has seen the cardiologist, had a dental, dealt with obesity and thyroid issues and has shown some signs of chronic pancreatitis in addition to her  hip and elbow arthritis.

But she does not let her limitations stop her, especially if she might get a hug or her favorite (and only) treat – frozen green beans.  She has been in a series of homes in her life, and as a result, she adapts slowly. However, when she does, she throws her whole heart into it. Kisses, cuddles and long naps are her specialty.  This little girl also adores curling up in a way-too-small dog bed with her Shih Tzu best friend. For the rest of her days, Machica will live a life full of love, laughter and lap time.

As it should be.

Update:  Little Machica’s health failed her and she finally needed to leave her wonderful Final Refuge home.  She was quite a character and will be remembered forever.