Teddy came to us when his aging parents moved into a senior living residence. His Mom sent me his puppy picture and we discussed his inability to ascend stairs or jump into a car because of his cataracts. When Teddy first arrived he lurked at our feet whenever we were in the kitchen—sometimes standing on our toes. Meals and snacks are what he lives for! Ted is the only boy in the house and ALL of the girls order him around. He has been bossed about for standing too close to his sisters, at suppertime and when he is on the bed with them. No matter how he towers over his sisters, sweet Teddy always lets them have the upper hand. Teddy is a true gentleman and just gazes in astonishment at their bad manners and quietly moves away when they are acting up.

When we visit off-leash dog parks Teddy can be found on the opposite side of the enclosure as his sisters bark and bark at other dogs. We surmise he is embarrassed by their behavior and doesn’t want anyone to know he is associated with them. Because of his kind nature Teddy is also the only dog in the house that our cat feels comfortable rubbing up against.

Besides his failing vision and hearing Teddy has developed pancreatitis. Despite being on a special low-fat diet (an absolute insult to an epicurean such as himself) he has occasional and painful flare-ups. Recently, an episode was so severe that it required a four-day stay at a veterinary specialty center. Thankfully the Maranda Fund was used to cover Teddy’s treatment and stay. When he got home Teddy was gaunt and listless but within a week he was back to his jaunty self.

For an 18-year-old, Teddy is amazingly agile. Despite having limited vision he can still go on adventures around the yard and use the dog ramp to the back deck. There is still a sparkle in those cloudy eyes and the optimism of someone who truly believes muffin crumbs might just fall today.

We are so appreciative of Old Dog Haven, the Maranda Fund and our supporters for the care Teddy has received that keeps him an enthusiastic member of our pack.