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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Little Macy came to her first-time Old Dog Haven Final Refuge mom with the initial diagnosis of significant and severe heart issues which, like many of our ODH seniors, made it likely she would be a shorter-term hospice dog. Macy was initially quite suspicious of her new mom and Betsey, her fellow small dog housemate. In fact, Macy took three days to observe them both from a pillow on the floor. But after her assessment period was complete Macy came to a conclusion: She was in a good place! As her mom shares, “Macy came over and rubbed her chest on my foot. From then on, she warmed up very quickly to me and to Betsey.”

Macy’s vet visit that first week brought good news–her heart murmur and other heart issues were significant but not as severe as initially diagnosed at the shelter and she wouldn’t need to be on medications. Whew! Now that she’s settled in and her health issues have been clarified, her ODH mom shares that, “Macy is the only Chihuahua I have ever known and it has been a real experience! She’s quite the drama queen and more terrier-like than the other small terriers I have had. Her bark sounds more like a duck quacking or a goose honking when she is really excited–and that is pretty frequent!”

This little goose now loves to run around the house, really enjoys her walks, and has become very affectionate. Macy just loves being petted and held….and like any respectable very, very small dog, Macy believes she is huge. She is 10 pounds of personality in a five-pound dog. She tries to boss Betsey, who is twice her size (11.5 lbs versus 5.2 lbs) but wise old Betsey ignores her as needed and will sometimes just sit on her if necessary. (!)

Macy’s mom tells us, “Macy is great fun to have around and I am very thankful to ODH for the opportunity to be her forever mom.”

Macy & Betsey

Ready to Rumble

Macy is sponsored by:

  • Jose Ramos of Mukilteo, WA in honor of Pamela S Yu - Lifetime