“Hello! My name is Maggie. I am an almost 13 year old border collie who weighs 42 pounds. I am in need of a true and final adoptive home. I have been rehomed 3 times now through no fault of my own. People’s lives changed and with that, their desire for me changed. I am still the same loving and very smart girl I have always been!

“At my first home, I was an outdoor dog, a “sheep dog” they called me. I was there for 10 years, doing my job, faithfully. My next home I had to live outside again but that was a short stay as those people lost interest in me. Then I went to another home. I FINALLY got to live inside! It was cozy and I got to be around people and it was wonderful. Sadly, the dog that had already been there didn’t want to share his home with me. I couldn’t believe my bad luck. But luck turned around when a very nice family member put her hand up for me. She could see the love in my eyes and knew I deserved another chance at a home where I could be inside and stay forever. This person can’t keep me but she’s worked very hard to make sure I had good care. Really nice neighbors have helped take care of me while she has been at work. Now I need to find the home she says I deserve. Will you help us find that home?

“As I mentioned before, I’ve lived with other dogs. I think I could share my home with another dog if you already have a dog. Sure, it’d be a dream come true to be someone’s one and only but I know people that adopt senior dogs have big hearts and sometimes that means they may already have a dog. I just hope that I won’t lose another home because a dog doesn’t like me!  Another friendly senior dog like myself to spend time with may be nice. I can’t say how I’d do with a cat, I’ve never lived with one that anyone can remember but I don’t react to those on the street when I’m out on a walk. I have been great around kids!  Because I’m an older gal though, I’d appreciate a home with older kids who will be gentle and kind. I don’t want to be climbed upon or pulled on or startled in my sleep.

“During the day I stay home alone. My person has a pet monitor and she will tell you I stay by the door, waiting for her to return from work. I don’t bark or cry, I just wait. Most days I just curl up and nap. I’d love a home where the humans are home more often. As a dog gets older, it’s harder for us to “hold it” for too long.Just as it is for humans!

“Walks are nice. I have mild arthritis, which is to be expected for a dog my age. I take a joint supplement for that as well as supplements for my skin and gut. This lady who has me now is awesome! She’s taken me to the vet and they said that I’m a pretty healthy gal for my age. It’s important when adopting an animal (especially a senior) that one can afford regular veterinary care and grooming. I’m told I am a pretty girl with my unique markings and long coat. I will need someone who will brush my hair. It feels so nice and I like the attention from my person!

“So now you know about me, Maggie the border collie. I have a lifetime’s worth of love to share with someone or a family who really needs and wants me!”

Maggie is located in Seattle, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Maggie is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.