Maisey is believed to be a Gordon Setter mix. She weighs 48 pounds and is probably about 11 years old. Maisey is friendly with other dogs and cats, she enjoys pets from local school kids but it’s not known if she’s ever lived with young children. Maisey appreciates her daily walks. She can do stairs but seems to be showing a little arthritis lately; some joint support could be helpful. Maisey has been fine to stay alone for a workday. In the past she could go without a potty break for a full day but as she ages more frequent potty breaks may be necessary, as it is with almost all senior dogs. Maisey may have some hearing loss or should could just be “hearing selective”! Maisey does not like having her photo taken but she is almost always stopped on her walk by someone who remarks what a pretty girl she is. She is in Seattle, ready to make someone a wonderful companion.