We would like you to introduce you to 10-year-old Poundcake and 10-year-old Cupcake….or “the Cakes” as they are affectionately called! This bonded pair are very low maintenance, healthy, potty trained, and snuggly pugs. They are everything you would expect in senior pugs! These two really love each other, Cupcake lovingly washes Poundcake’s face at least once a day. They like to play tug on soft toys, and get along with dogs cats and children. The cakes both need to lose a little weight to help with their mobility, but what did you expect when you are named after delicious desserts! They are still mobile and love to go for walks, they can do stairs but getting weight off will improve their stamina. They love sleeping together at night all cuddled up on their bed. They love being with their human and will make sure to always be in the same room as you are. Anyone who has had a senior pug knows how great they are, and these two are no exception.