Norma is a petite miniature schnauzer who came into the shelter with a microchip saying she was 11 years old, but the owner didn’t respond to notices. His loss, our gain! She’s an adorable little dog with a great personality, lots of energy and very good manners. Of course, there’s the matter of her voice…. she is named Norma for the opera and its coloratura soprano. She gets along with everyone, loves long walks, loves to run in circles, loves to wrestle gently on the bed. What a nice little girl! Hopefully she will be healthy and happy for a long time.

Update:  Norma unfortunately developed ulcerative stomatitis in her mouth in her 12th year; we treated it as best we could. Part of the treatment caused a neurotoxicity which made her quite ataxic and unstable. A year later she also developed some dementia which we treated quite successfully for a while also. All these things combined finally overwhelmed her mind and body – she lost weight and couldn’t safely be groomed, and those legs became way too weak. Nearing 15 years old, she was just too frail to go on. We will miss her gentle spirit very much but are glad that she is free of the struggles.

Go in peace, little Norma.

Norma schn last day