Marvin came into a shelter with another blind Pekingese and other dogs, probably not super old but blind dogs are very difficult to find adopters for – so he came to an ODH Home with another Peke and the fun began. As he settled in, that adorable personality emerged. He’s taking 5-6 block walks and gallops part of the route. He likes to wrestle with his people who say it’s adorable: they kiss his face and he rolls all over batting at your face until you kiss him again. He loves to be outside, exploring or lying on a blanket in the sun, and he barks loudly at anyone coming or going, a blind guard dog! Marvin loves his weekly baths and is a great sport about all the silly costumes he wears and having his mohawk dyed special colors. Blue for Seahawks games, purple on occasion…. His ODH family thinks he’s hilarious, their visitors agree. Their refrain: Oh Marvin! We love him so! All a little dog could want.

Update:   After a wonderfully long time being a guard dog, soaking up all the love and care possible, and  making his Mom and Dad laugh every day, Marvin’s age caught up with him and his folks very lovingly said ‘good bye’.  He is missed by so many.  There will never be another Marvin!