MUSHU  (from her ODH mom’s view)

She was surrendered to the shelter. No name given. No history taken. “Here, you take her.” She was in rough shape. The vet at the shelter looked her over and estimated her age to be around 10. Her ears were infected, skin infected, bloated stomach and severely goopy eyes. They knew she deserved better and contacted ODH. And in turn ODH contacted me to be her Final Refuge home.

When I first saw Mushu I knew she was a diamond in the rough and she was truly in really rough condition. Her fur was long, dirty, matted, smelled and yellow in some parts. Her ears smelled, nails were very long, eyes filmed over and she couldn’t sit still because she itched so badly. I talked to her on our drive home to try and soothe her and halfway there she climbed into my lap and ultimately fell asleep. She has not left my side since.

At her ODH vet appointment they found she had two ear infections, yeast and bacteria skin infections and such a severe case of dry eye that she had to go to a specialist. She had 11 teeth pulled and seven of them were broken under the gum line. She is feeling so much better now but still needs special care, daily medication and special baths along with a special diet.

Mushu, probably a shih tzu mix, lives with a vivacious two year old Chestie. I don’t think she was ever around another dog and when they first met she didn’t know how to play. But now the two have bonded and at times Mushu will initiate play or they can be found side by side fast asleep. Mushu likes her naps. She enjoys going for walks and also going to ODH functions to meet new folks and dogs and spread the word that there can be a happy ending. Mushu can now look forward to her fairytale ending, her happily-ever-after with the help and support of others and ODH.

Update:  Mushu spent the last year of her life being treated for diabetes. After the second diabetic crisis, and her second emergency hospitalization, we were unable to get her regulated again – perhaps because she had developed Cushings disease as well.       It was too much to ask of this wonderful little dog so she was sent on her way with love.

Mushu shih tzux comfortable-FR032516