Our dear Malcolm or Max as we called him, came to us clearly neglected. Old Dog Haven wasn’t sure whether it was a fixable situation or possible hospice. Max was so thin that on his arrival to our house, he was able to slip through the cat door.

Fortunately, our beautiful big boy was only malnourished and as any respectable lab will do, he ate like it was going out of style. The owner surrender paperwork read Max had been an outdoor dog all of his life. Not allowed on the couch nor bed. Not friendly with children.

So not true. As soon as we put in a dog door, it was used mightily. A bed hog from the very beginning and we loved it. A wet nose at 5am to let us know ‘breakfast time’. No couch was safe from this sweetheart. And no child was safe from his big lick on their nose. Loved to be chased at the park, always looking over his shoulder with a grin as he scampered away. A giant lap dog in training.

For 14 months, Max was given great care by Old Dog Haven to help with his medical needs. Which allowed for him to be the very best at what he was – a  wonderful dog.

I am thankful that on his last day, he waited till I got off of work in the morning before the tumor in his spleen burst. Part of my heart went with him but I know my Sal is running alongside Max over the bridge.

Max, day 1