Max and Cydie are bonded miniature pinschers hoping to find a new home together. 11 year old Cydie is a petite girl, weighing only 7 pounds. Max is 12 years old and he weighs 11 pounds.

Cydie is said to be shy when meeting other dogs, Max is friendly with other dogs. Neither of the pair are cat friendly. A home with gentle children age 10 and over should be fine for these life-long companions.

While both dogs can reportedly manage shallow stairs, Max does have trouble with his back. A home without too many stairs or one with people willing to carry him both up and down stairs would be his best interest. We are told Max and Cydie can stay alone inside the home while their people are away as long as they have each other for company. They require a potty break about every 4 hours and they are potty pad trained, which is convenient! A home with a fenced yard is mandatory for these friends as both will take off if given the opportunity.

Max is the more active dog of the two; he is great on leash and he loves to run around in his fenced yard and play fetch. Max takes a muscle relaxant as needed when he “overdoes” it.  He is described as being “happy, intelligent and confident”.  Cydie’s preferred activities are watching T.V. while cuddling under the blanket with her person (or Max if the humans of the house are busy). Cydie is described as being “a sensitive and sweet girl who loves to be held”.

Max has been diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis; his caregiver can explain more about this condition and what precautions need be taken with him. Max’s vision and hearing aren’t as sharp as they to be. Cydie has food allergies and a sensitive tummy.

The pair’s person passed away and they are currently living alone in their home with caregivers checking in on them. Of course they cannot stay alone in the home indefinitely so the hope is that they will find an adoptive home very soon. We are told they have
adapted well to changes in their routine since the passing of their owner.

Cydie and Max are living in Ellensburg, WA.

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.