“Why Hello, my name is Noodle. They say I’m an 11 pound old wire-haired chihuahua (whatever that is!) How can a cute girl like me be in need of a new home, you ask? Well let me tell you my story:

“Quite a few years ago I was a tiny puppy who was lost out in the middle of nowhere. I was sure to be a goner but this wonderful, kind man found me and brought me home with him. We had a great life together. We went for walks, he taught me to be a very good girl on leash. I was his loyal companion, a lap dog and even got to sleep in the bed with my person.

“Sadly my beloved person’s health began to decline and he could no longer take care of me. His granddaughter was kind and offered to give me a home and all was well until she brought a baby home. The baby is now crawling and while she is cute-she scares me! I need a home without young kids.

“I cannot tell you what I’d do if I ever saw a cat, I’ve never been around one before. I have lived with other dogs and done fine with them. I am not always super excited about new dogs I meet but if you have a nice, calm dog, I could possibly warm up to one with proper introduction and time.

“Being only about 10 years old, I can still be active but not annoyingly so! I am mature enough to know when to chill out. I am used to having company around during the day, being either another dog or people but I don’t get upset when I’m left alone. I can go quite a few hours if I have to without needing a potty break.

“I really am a happy dog. I wag my tail all all of the time and give lots of “smiles”. I’m hoping to find a home where I can stay forever. I’d love a new home where I can once again sleep in the bed with my person- this sleeping in a crate is just not fun!

“If you are looking for a forever friend, perhaps you will  consider me?”

Noodle is in Seattle, WA. waiting for her adoptive home.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.