It is so hard to imagine how long beautiful, gentle, intelligent Max roamed around as a stray before landing in Everett Animal Shelter just 10 days before Christmas. He is an adorable 14-year old Sheltie who quickly stole his shelter caretakers’ hearts. They tried so hard to find his owners — to no avail. When they called ODH, the timing was perfect. A long-time ODH family had just requested another permanent foster and life changed forever for the stunning Sheltie now called “Maxwell”. Maxwell’s gorgeous coat was filthy, and matted so badly that skin was infected underneath it. After a luscious, two-hour grooming session, he looked like he was ready for the Westminster Dog Show. Shelter workers had been concerned that Maxwell was suffering from depression and exhaustion. But after a few minutes getting familiar with his four packmates, his cozy new bed, his delicious homemade food and snacks — well, let’s just say he was an overnight success! Maxwell’s family is smitten with him, and amazed at how smart, funny, loving and sociable he is. Like all fosters/adopters, they are just dumbfounded that an amazing wonderful dog like Maxwell could end up abandoned, homeless, neglected and scared. He will need some fairly extensive dental repairs, and is getting proper medical care for issues related to aging. He is truly a poster dog for what ODH is able to accomplish every day. He is a wonderful dog that absolutely deserved to spend his remaining time in a home where he is cherished. Maxwell’s little body just gave out, despite how happy he was and how much his ODH family loved him. He had such a wonderful 4 months, flourishing with lots of care and a friendly group of dogs, and he loved being a therapy dog visiting folks in senior homes. Perhaps that was his special job: making people happy. Max passed away 04/27/14.