Maynard, who looked like a yellow Lab but with the style and personality of a Golden Retriever, landed in a shelter with a necrotic (infected to the point of dying flesh) tumor on his leg plus kidney disease – and still intact. Sadly, the tumor wasn’t surgically removable due to its advanced stage and location; amputation would have been the only option. Given his kidney disease, that would have been very risky. And even more sadly, because he was intact and not used to strange dogs, we couldn’t find a foster home that could manage him through recuperation and living as a tripod. Maynard had four days out of the shelter, with as much love and comfort as we could give him. This big jovial guy collected every chew bone in the house and claimed the sofa, romped in the pasture and then went on to a much more comfortable rest. Maynard asks, in memory of him, that we all urge everyone to NEUTER AND SPAY THEIR PETS – not doing so can be an unnecessary death sentence. Rest in peace, big guy.