Mayzee is a chocolate Lab with laryngeal paralysis and severe arthritis. Despite this, she loves walks and would probably walk forever, if she had her way. In true Lab form, she will eat whatever you give her, including her pills! She adores her brother Sal, who was adopted from ODH a few years ago. Mayzee likes to sleep on the sofa with a pillow that her foster parents picked out for her that is just the right size. Her foster mom describes her as being “happy all the time.” Mayzee has very regular veterinary care, has seen specialists to try to help her mobility. We don’t know how long she will be able to get around without too much struggle but until then she is very much loved (and not at all spoiled).

Update: Mayzee’s neurologic and orthopedic problems finally overtook her. She and her ODH family fought the good fight; she was unfailingly cheery despite her increasing immobility, but when the pain couldn’t be controlled it was time to say goodbye. All the effort by her family and vet gave her many more months of comfort than we expected and many more months to be surrounded by love.

Mayzee choc lab 1215.2-FR011016